Hope some business from Monday in the house in Odisha legislative assembly

Utkal Reporter Bureau
Bhubaneswar|22 August 2015

You can hope the house in the monsoon session of Odisha legislative assembly will experience normal business from Monday if the law makers can be relied. An all parity meeting to break through the pandemonium in the house is claimed to have come out with some positive result.” House will proceed normally from Monday.” said Bikram Keshari Arukh, the parliament affairs minister.” The opposition has given word to cooperate.”

“You can call the meeting successful” said Narsingh Mishra , the leader of opposition in the assembly after the meeting. “We will cooperate in the running of the house.” Basant Panda the leader of BJP legislators in the house too expressed satisfaction over the meeting.

Sarathi issue will be in debate on adjournment motion on Monday. On Tuesday there will be debate on law and order issue. Brahma Bibhrat issue will be discussed on Wednesday. Block grant teachers issue will find place on Thursday’s debate and Friday has been scheduled for discussion on the issue of draught.

The monsoon session of the 15th legislative assembly of Odisha for this year commenced from 18 August. The house paid tribute to the late President Abdul Kalam, Late CM of Odisha Janaki Ballabh Pattnaik and was adjourned for the inaugural day. Wednesday the next day of the session could stand for only nine minutes against the uproar of the law makers, both from the opposition and the treasury bench. The house could witness some business in the later part of the second half of Thursday before the entire part of the Friday’s proceeding was washed out due to confrontation between the parties in ruling and opposition.

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But for the little business in the Thursday’s post lunch session the house was virtually in disarray all through the week and the Saturday was also going that way when speaker Niranjan Pujari announced the adjournment of the house till 3pm just after three minutes of the house assembled for the day’s proceedings. He convened an all party meeting at 12 noon.

The meeting that ran for two hours was attended by leader of opposition Narsingh Mishra,leader of BJP in the assembly Basant Panda, Parliament affairs Minister Bikram Keshari Arukh and other senior members of all parties.

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