Ghadei axed: Naveen’s no dull action

Prafulla Ghadei
Prafulla Ghadei
BHUBANESWAR:There came a remark-Dull. And it took just hours for the “Physically and Mentally dull” to remove a structure founded quite deep and heavy. Is it the “wonder” what the 40years political veteran Prafulla Ghadei spoke about? But of course this is no “wonder” what he came across with on the weekend. You being a subject of the Naveen’s empire can’t imagine escaping with the scathing remarks on the emperor of the likes of what Mr Ghadei did through an Odia daily Sambad.However now you can find quite a few roaming freely in the empire with heavy corruption charges on them!
Even though the former Minister disowned his interview that the Odia daily has based a story on Saturday the condition around has gone charged enough to entice the BJD supremo to come out with his one liner axe- “Prafulla Chandra Ghadei has been expelled with immediate effect from Biju Janata Dal for his anti-party activity.”
The corruption charge stimulated stir in the current Odisha politics intensified on Saturday when Sambad hit the stand in the morning with a story based on Prafulla Ghadei’s Interview with the paper. TheEx-Vice president of BJD, as shown by the paper had lashed bitter comments on Naveen Pattnaik on his political potent and his style of functioning.
“Now he (Naveen Pattnaik) is physically and mentally dull” the Sambad claimed Mr Ghadei to have said.” He never does anything on his own and usually depends on someone or other”
“There is no democracy in the BJD. It has become a one-man party. There is no meeting and discussion between the party supremo and the party leaders and workers,” said Ghadei in the interview and added Mr Pattnaik is in the firm grip of a coterie of few politicians, businessmen and bureaucrats.
The expulsion believed to have pushed 74years Ghadei’s 40 year political career to the brink of end but it is no less a omen of fall for Naveen Pattnaik’s regime is the impression doing the round in the state political circle.

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