BJD, on Saturday, has finalised a 40-member campaigning brigade for the first two phases of this 2019 general election with CM Naveen Patnaik being at the helm.

Anang Uday Singhdeo, Prasanna Acharya, Soumya Ranjan Patnaik and other senior leaders of the party will be seen taking on the stage to win Naveen Patnaik the fifth term.

Sidhant Mohapatra, Anubhav Mohanty, Akash Das Nayak, Arindam Ray, Munna Khan, Kuna Tripathy, and Prashant Nanda are the Ollywood stars picked in the team adding glamor to the campaign.

Sidhant Mohapatra, the sitting MP from Berhampur has failed to impress the leadership for a party ticket, however, is in the list of star campaigner. Prashant Nanda also found a place in the list; his son Rishav Nanda has joined BJP on Thursday.

Following are the names of the Star Campaigners.

  1. Naveen Patnaik
  2. Ananga Uday Singh Deo
  3. Prasanna Acharya
  4. Soumya Ranjan Patnaik
  5. Suryanaran Patro
  6. Prasanna Kumar Patasani
  7. N Bhaskar Rao
  8. Pramila Mallick
  9. Padmanava Behera
  10. Niranjan Pujari
  11. Bikram Keshari Arukh
  12. Rabi Narayan Pani
  13. Prasanta Nanda
  14. Prafulla Kumar Mallick
  15. Anubhab Mohanty
  16. Kishore Kumar Mohanty
  17. Naba Kishore Das
  18. Pranab Prakash Das
  19. Pratap Jena
  20. Sanjaya Das Burm
  21. Pratap Keshari Deb
  22. Sidhanta Mahapatra
  23. Chandra Sarathi Behera
  24. Ramesh Chandra Majhi
  25. Dillp Tirkey
  26. Shri Subash Singh
  27. Sushant Singh
  28. Ananta Narayan Jena
  29. Akash Das Nayak
  30. Muzibulla Khan (Muna)
  31. Minati Behera
  32. Tejeswar Panda
  33. Lopamudra Buxipatra 34.
  34. Kasturi Mohapatra
  35. Kuna Tripathy
  36. Arindam Ray
  37. Srimayee Sweta Snigdha Mishra
  38. Asim Amitav Das
  39. Amaresh Path
  40. Rana Pratap Patra


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