BHUBANESWAR: Union Minister Dharmendra Pradhan today disapproved Odisha Government’s recently promised scheme for farmer’s called KALIA. He had done it the very day Naveen Patnaik announced the scheme on December 21. . Today the Minister termed the scheme as a ploy by the Naveen’s dispensation to beguile the voters.

On KALIA, Mr. Pradhan said, “there is no clarity in their (of the Naveen government) heart, no clarity in the plan. This is only ploy for vote.”

They (ruling –BJD) have looted the farmers; Now they are out to cheat the farmers in the name of KALIA (the presiding deity of Odisha), said Dharmendra Pradhan after he reminded that the BJD government had done nothing on their promise of providing irrigation facility to 10 lakh hecters of land in the state and bonus on crops.

It is because of their mismanagement that the farmers lost their crops to Chakada,said Mr. Pradhan.

Finance Minister Sashi Bhushan Behera took on the charges and responded, “KALIA scheme will provide benefit to the actual farmers including the marginal farmers and share- croppers. Demand for loan waiver will cease to be as farmers will get financial assistance regularly”

“Oppositiion are spreading rumour out of fear.” he said.

KALIA is an Odisha government initiative aimed to augment farmers’ livelihood and income through regular financial assistance rather than granting one time loan waiver.

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