Conspiracy to ruin Paradip post says BJD minister Damodar Rout

Utkal Reporer
Bhubaneswar|1 June 2015
Ruling BJD in Odisha smells conspiracy in the ongoing affairs of administration in Paradip port. The conspiracy is “to weaken the Paradip port.” And this is the case ever since Adani group took over the Dhmara Port in Bhadrak, a near direct finger point

towards the Modi government in the center.
Minister of excise and cooperation in the Odisha government Damodar Rout on Sunday came out with the scathing charges. He indicated that the recent traffic down in Paradip and the transfer of Paradip port officers are interlinked as a part of conspiracy. The senior minister said that senior officers have been changed officers from south have been posted in Paradip port and added,” All these happened in a span of one month”

The minister further pointed that Paradip a peacock awarded port for its outstanding performance is now witnessing traffic scarcity there is slump in business whereas Bhadrak and Vishakhapatnam the two nearby ports are continuing to enjoy traffic congestion.

He said”It could be verified from the records that there was a waiting period for ships from 9 to 12 days for berthing and around 20 vessels were waiting at the anchorage at the Port. But since the last one month, there is no waiting of ships at the anchorage at the Paradip Port and berths are lying vacant, whereas the same congestion at the Vizag Port, Dhamara Port and Gangabharam Port continues,”

He also said that there is going on a plan to shift the LNG terminal to Dhamara. A section of BJP is working on the plan to ruin the port since Adani acquired Dhamara port.
Damodar Rout, also the local MLA warned adverse consequences unless corrective measures are taken in time as there are resentment among the workers associations over the prevailing situation

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