Congress starts afresh to be number one in Odisha

Utkal Reporter
Bhubaneswar|9 Jan 2015

Congress in Odisha will start afresh to be the number one again in the state. The party, after the two-day cogitation came up with a mantra to re-establish itself on the state political turf. “Organization, Agitation and Cohesion” would be its principle trio that would lead them to their target. The party will apply all its political acumen to bring its traditional supporters, the dalits and tribals back to the its fold.
Perasad Harichandan
“We all in the party have vowed in unison to bring back the party to number one position in Odisha.” said Prasad Harichandan the newly appointed President of Odisha Pradesh Congress Committee as he added that with having 27 percent of popular vote base in the state, congress is well a power to be reckoned.
The party will reach out to its workers in the panchayat and block level to revamp its organization at the grass root.

Shri Prasad said that there would be three “chintan Baithak” or cogitation sittings in three different places besides the party would conduct seven marches in the state to achieve connection with the mass of Odisha. Congress will wage war against both BJD and BJP, the corrupt and communal duo.

The new president ruled out there being any differences among the party leadership as he said that all the senior leaders were present and shared their views in the programme. However the president showed no compunction to admit that the party at present is a bit out of track. But he rejected BJP’s having any chance in Odisha. “The last general election and the previous panchayat elections has shown where BJP stands against us” said Sri Harichandan. “After the Mahasangram of BJP which turned out to be a Mahamaya the party’s credibility has dropped sharply. The nexus between BJP and BJD is exposed now. Both the parties have made deal on support and protection” He said “people of Odisha have already understood their chicanery.” BJP will no more be able to woo the voters by its hollow claims of developments.

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Shri Harichandan criticized the development claims of the Modi government and said that the fall in price of petrol and diesel has nothing to do with Modi government as it is a global market phenomenon. Rather he said. the benefit of fall in price of crude oil has not percolated down to the needy. The real benefit has gone to the opulent ATF users rather than to the needy petrol and diesel users. He said in the last 7 months the price of crude oil has dropped by 55 percent, but the petrol and diesel price has have met a fall in price of only 15.73 percent and 11.3 respectively but there was 45 percent fall in ATF.

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