Chit Fund Cheating: Arrest of the former AG is the arrest of the Government: BJP

Naveen Pattnaik
Naveen Pattnaik

BHUBANESWAR: “With this it is virtually the arrest of the state government.” Said BJP spokes person Suresh Pujari on behalf of his party with reference to the arrest of the former Advocate General Ashok Mohanty.

Describing it an unprecedented event he said arrest of someone ever holding a constitutional Post like the Advocate General, entitled to safeguard life and property of the state indicates the system collapse in Odisha.”It has lost the confidence of people of Odisha” as he added the scathing remark, “The CBI enquiry has made the crime branch naked on its investigation” and reiterated his party’s chronic demand for CBI probe into the Scams related Coal, Land and others.
“The Chief Minister was not aware of Mohanty purchasing house from Sethi,” said Anant Das the Government chief whip. Couple of other BJD troopers has also rushed to join him to take up the cudgel for their boss and his image as BJD spokesman Samir Das said, “The chief minister has never allowed any illegality. Mohanty has been arrested not as the AG or as an ex-AG. This would not affect the BJD’s image.”

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