Center says No to Mahanadi Water Dispute Tribunal

Bhubaneswar: On the Mahanadi water sharing dispute, the Central government has declined OdIsha’s demand for the tribunal. On Wednesday it submitted an affidavit in this regard citing the complainant state Odisha’s non-cooperation in the process of resolving the issue as a reason among others.

In the affidavit, the Central government mentioned that Odisha government had not supplied any data and had not adduce any evidence in their favour as it had noted, “The complainant cannot make allegations which are not backed by data, facts and evidence.”

Central government counsel Wasim A Qadri alleged that Odisha was not providing information to them that they had sought from the state without which constitution of a tribunal was of no use.

“We are not getting information that we want from the state, including data on water flow and water requirement.” quoted a news paper as Mr Qadri said.

“ Unless you provide facts and figures on what is your total crop requirement, water requirement and basin area what is the tribunal going to do?” he questioned as he added that Certain materials are required for constituting a tribunal but Central government is yet to get that.”

As per a report in a noted news site the Central government has raised speculation that the plaitiff state Odisha might thwart the legal process before the tribunal since it had shown a non-seriousness attitude during the proceedings of negotiation.

Odisha government is objecting the construction works- what it calls as illegal and unilateral activity by Chhatisgarh on the river Mahanadi. In July 2016 it presented the issue with Center following which there has been two rounds of unproductive talks to resolve the issue before it posted its demand for a tribunal under Inter State River Water  Dispute Act 1956 on 19 November 2016 .

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Odisha government has categorically refused to take part in any negotiation exercise for settling the water sharing issue with Chhatisgarh until the later stops the construction works on the Mahanadi.

Biju Janata Dal (BJD) has reacted strongly against the Center for disapproving their demand for Mahanadi tribunal. Its spokesman Pratap Dev said that the Center had made thae move to help the Chhatisgarh government under BJP. He also alleged, the Center’s anti- Odisha attitude is exposed now.




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