BJP’s agitation category in Odisha with farmer’s issue to be up


Bhubaneswar: Bharitiya Janata Party (BJP) in Odisha has made its plan to take the farmers causes in the state up to the grade of revolution. The aggression is apparent. There are strong shows going on with the farmers cause in wetern Odisha under Basant Panda the party president in Odisha. BJP will intensify the demonstrations, said the party.

“We will shape the demonstrations for farmers by our party in Bargarh and other parts of the state to an agitation.” said BJP’s Odisha in-charge Arun Singh. With obvious aggression he said the Agriculture Minister of the Odisha Government Damodar Rout should be sacked and incarcerated for his deriding remarks on the farmers when they are killing themselves for crop loss.

Mr. Singh in a press meet in Bhubaneswar described, Brunda Sahu, a farmer from Kalapani Bargarh found his crop destroyed by pests, he approached the government, he begged for help but all in vain. He consumed poison and finally gave in. But the government did not care.

Brunda Sahu, said the BJP leader, has emerged as the symbol of problem and plight of farmers in Odisha. But the Agriculture Minister instead of showing some sympathy for him has mocked at him. Odisha Chief Minister Naveen Pattnaik is watching all these with his mouth shut, alleged Mr Singh and added “No where in the country there is such antipathy for the farmers.”

Governments in neighboring states like MP and Chhatisgarh provide bonus and interest free loans to the farmeres but in Odisha here is no such support for the farmers, said Arun Singh “The Modi government in the centre is providing ample funds for the development of farmers but the funds are remaining unutilised.” and charged in the press meet flanked by President Basant Panda, Vice President Samir Mohanty and Spokesman Sajjan Sharma  that the farmers are suffering because of an inert and inept government in the state.

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Agriculture Minister Damodar Rout in his own style has responded to the charges. He said that agriculture was a state issue and the Ministers and leaders from the centre had no business in it. Their un-invited visits to the Villages and remarks are unforunate for the democracy of the country.



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