BJP Targets 40 lac members in Odisha

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Bhubaneswar|8 Nov 2014

At  BJP head quarter Bhubaneswar
At BJP head quarter Bhubaneswar

Bharatiya Janata Party kicked start its membership drive for Odisha in Bhubaneswar to-day with a target of a whopping 40 lac membership set to be achieved by March 31 next year.

Union Minister of information and Broadcasting Prakash Javdekar launched the triennial exercise before a zealous gathering of state party workers in the party headquarter in Bhubaneswar.
He said that BJP’s vote count in Odisha in the last general elections has mounted to 46 lacs that is good enough a size to support the 40 lac membership as a realistic target. In 2010 BJP could manage to enroll 3 lac members but the party is eying to take it to 40 lac in this current drive.

Unlike the previous practices the party has adopted the SMS method to collect members this time. a willing candidate can give a miss call to the toll free number 1800 266 2020 to get an return SMS with his enrolment number and his address request. Once the candidate sends the reply SMS the process of his enrolment is complete, described the Minister.

Ruling out lack of mobile accessibility as a shortcoming He “said 2.5 Crore people in Odisha have access to mobile phone”. As he added that people from Congress and even from BJD are joining in BJP so achieving the target would not be a problem.

BJP has set a target to get 18 crore people in the country as its primary member through the membership drive that has began on the 1st day of this month with PM Narendra Modi’s enrolment. Mr Javdekar described that the unadulterated support came to BJP from Chhatishgarh, MP, Rahasthan Bihar and UP testifies BJP’s acceptability in all section of the society and it shows their aspiration for a good life to happen through the BJP.“In Odisha too people want change for a better life” said The Minister.

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Earlier in the day Odisha in charge the Arun Singh gave a power point presentation of the membership drive in a meeting of the senior members and office bearers of BJP and its associate organizations presided by party president Kanak Vardhan Singhdeo.

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