BJP dares Navin to come out answer the land scam charges

Bijay Mohapatra addressing press
Bijay Mohapatra addressing press
BJP on Wednesday dared Chief Minister Naveen Pattnaik to come out as it feels the land scam along with the ponzy scam in Odisha has made the condition tough for the ruling party supremo
” the government finally gave in to the pressure from all around and admitted occurrence of fraud in land deals” said senior BJP leader Bijay Mohapatra “now it is time the Chief Minister himself should come out with all the papers to answer the charges rising against his government and his colleagues.”
Mr Mohapatra pointed that the Navin government did not care for the cabinet sub-committee’s suggestion for a stringent land law, it ignored the high court’s advice in this line all these are just to set the foundation to grab land on. He said the way land settlement work was stopped in Chandaka area
The government, as Sri Mohapatra charged, has done all the spade works to facilitate massive land grabbing by the persons close to the CM. ”the then ongoing land settlement work in Khordha ,Jatani and Chandaka area was stopped abruptly in 2010” said the BJP leader as he alleged” this step opened the flood gate for land grabbing”
Of the 70 villages de-notified in the Chandaka area for cancellation of settlement work Ghangapatna happened to be one that at present has gain the focus for fraudulent land dealing. The Ghangapatna land dealing was an ascertained case of fraud as the collector in his report had said so. And the government has assigned the Crime Branch of Odisha to probe into the case however BJP had demanded CBI enquiry.

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