BJD lawmaker Pravat Biswal arrested in connection with chit fund link

Utkal Reporter

Bhubaneswar|19 September 2017


The Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) arrested BJD MLA Pravat Ranjan Biswal on Tuesday after interrogation in connection with chit-fund link.

Mr. Pravat Biswal represents Cuttack- Choudwar assembly constituency for BJD.CBI has been following him for the last four years to verify his connection with Sea-Shore chit fund deals.

Mr. Biswal has appeared before CBI for interrogation in 2014. His wife Laxmibilashini Biswal has also been quized by CBI earlier. In January this year CBI had conducted raids on Mr. Biswal’s addresses in Cuttack and Bhubaneswar.

A land deal of Rs 25 lakh between Pravat Biswal and the Seashore, a dubious chit fund company is said to be under CBI scrutiny.

As per Mr. Biswal’s family the lawmaker had been to the CBI office in Bhubaneswar last night honouring a call from the agency where he was arrested.

The CBI operations in Odisha, in connection with the multicrore- financial scam through Chit Fund have a powerful bearing on the state politics as some of the BJD leaders are placed under scanner or behind the bar.

BJD  used to de-link itself from the individuals dealing with chitfund link charges in the beginning but as the investigation net spread the party has stood up for counter attack.

It started charging BJP government in the center of using the CBI machinery for its political gain in Odisha.

Replying to reporter’s query BJD legislator Debashis Samantray said that this arrest of Pravat Biswal by CBI was politically designed.

However senior leader of the party Damodar Rout said in this connection that law would take its own course.” No one is above the law”. He however has ruled out any effect on BJD due to this development.

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