Bar-headed Geese sighted at Rushikulya Rookery

Berhampur: 23-01-2017: 

By-Dr Jyoti Prasad Pattnaik

It’s winter and migratory birds are here and one of them is the Bar headed geese. This bird belongs to Mongolia, Himalayan Region and China, which also visits Odisha during Winter and had been sighted at many places.

Last year they were sighted at Rushikulya Rookery and this afternoon, they were again recorded in huge numbers at the same spot by Bird lover couple Dr Jyoti Prasad Pattnaik and Mrs Preeti Priyadarshani Mohapatro. The duo while doing routine bird watching at the rookery came across this flock of birds and they went close to the birds to take some breathtaking good photographs as well as videos of the birds.

Both bird lovers have been instrumental in recording sighting of birds in and around Berhampur and run a facebook page entitled, “Berhampur Birds”, where they have more than 200 different varieties of birds photos posted.

This afternoon while shooting the birds, they noticed some birds had tags attached to their neck and some on their legs too with distinct numbers writen on them. They have forwarded the photographs to higher authorities at forest department for identification of the tags.

Due to its proximity to the Chilika lake these birds might have preferred to chose a new territory for themselves. Every winter these birds travel as long as 6000 plus kilometers to reach Chilika as well as Bhitarakanika areas of the state. According to the locals, these birds are usually seen on the rookery areas during the day time and leave in the evening to Chilika. Ample amount of fish in these areas are attracting these birds to these places.


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