Aravinda Padhee relieved from jagannath temple administration

Arvinda Padhee
Arvinda Padhee

BHUBANEWSAR: Odisha government has transferred Arvind Padhee from the post of Chief Administrator of Shree jagannath Temple Administration (SJTA). Notification in this concern has been released by the Public Administration department of the state government on Tuesday.

Bikash Chandra Mohapatra will take over the charge as the Chief Administrator of SJTA from Arvind Padhi. This will be an additional responsibility for him along with his current assignment as the RDC (South Zonr).

Such a move by the government of bringing about change at the top level of the Shree Mandir Administration during the run up to the Navakalebar has stirred up speculations in the state.
Preparations for the grand festival of Navakalebar of Shri Jagannath next year is picking up as the festival is expected to draw some 30 lac spectators from all around the globe.

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