Urban unemployment rate dropped to 9.3 percent between January-March 2019: NSO

Unemployment in the urban India rates at 9.3 percent between January and March 2019. It happened to be 9.9 percent during the October-December period of 2018.

Ministry of statistics of the government of India presented the quarterly report on 23rd November after conducting a survey through the Current Weekly Status (CWS) method. The Government of India had brought the first quarterly report in May this year. This was of the December quarter.

As per the report, the urban unemployment rate in the March quarter was lowest among the quarters since April-June 2018. The Unemployment rate among the young workforce between the age of 15-29 stood at 22.5 per hundred. Urban male joblessness in this group was 20.9 percent. For the female, it was 29.0 percent. Joblessness in this bracket of the workforce was 23.7percent.  Not getting at least one hour of work in a week qualifies one as unemployed as per the CWS assessment.

The drop in the unemployment rate was because there was a marginal increase in the employment segment of salaried employees and self-employed workers.

The report shows 36 percent of the population is in the labor force of India between January-march. It was 35.8 percent during April-June 2018. In the following two quarters, the percentage of the population in the labor-force called Labour Force Participation Rate (LFPR) has increased to 36.1 and 36.3. But it dropped to 36 percent in the June quarter.

The Labour force refers to the part of the population which supplies or offers to supply labour for pursuing economic activities for the production of goods and services and, therefore, includes both ‘employed’ and ‘unemployed’ persons. Labor-force participation rate (LFPR) is defined as the percentage of the population in the labor-force. Labour-force according to current weekly status (CWS) is the number of persons either employed or unemployed on an average in a week of 7 days preceding the date of the survey.


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