Rs 7500cr needed for power transmission infrastructure, a challenge for OPTCL to arrange the sum.

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Utkal Reporter
Bhubaneswar| Dec 14, 2015

There is a need of Rs 7500cr in the Odisha power sector to have an infrastructure for power transmission of additional 3500 MW in demand.

As per the Central Electricity Authority CEA’s estimation cost of production of 3500MW of power will be Rs 7500cr and this much amount will be needed for transmission and distribution.
To arrange the sum is a challenge for the government.
Energy Minister Pranab Prakash Das said OPTCL has formed two joint venture companies, one with Power Grid Corporation of India Ltd by the name of Kalinga Power Transmission Corporation and another one with Mahanadi Coal Field Ltd named Neelachal Power Transmission Corporation. Rs 3500cr will come from these two ventures.

OPTCL is planning to invest Rs 1000cr through PPP mode. The state owned company has already taken initiative in this direction, said the minister.

OPTCL will arrange the rest Rs3000cr from Power Finance Corporation PFC, Rural Electrification Corporation and other financial institutions for the purpose.

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