“Refills by PMUY beneficiaries is an encouraging trend” Petroleum Minister Dharmendra Pradhan

The refill rate of LPG in the sphere of Pradhan Mantri Ujjwala Yojana is an “encouraging trend” and it indicates the sustained use of LPG as a cooking fuel there .This is the remark that the Petroleum Ministry has come up with to uphold its ambitious campaign for clean fuel better life (Swachh Indhan Behetar Jeevan.)

Union Petroleum Minister Dharmendra Pradhan through a series of microblogs has mentioned that the average refill rate of LPG cylinders by PMUY- beneficiaries’ counts 4 which is an encouraging trend compared to national average of 7refills. He adds “Avg. annual LPG refills of middle class households is about 3-4 cylinders, that is strikingly close to the annual avg. refills by PMUY beneficiaries.”


To add, his ministry has twitted, “Beneficiaries of @PMUjjwalaYojana are no longer averse to adaption of clean cooking fuel. LPG cylinder purchase clearly indicates sustained use. #PMUY has been successful in overcoming the behavioral & social hindrances & making LPG a widely accepted primary cooking fuel.”


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The Minister further said, the Congress which is in a spree to declare every social welfare scheme of the Modi Government as a failure finds it too much to digest the massive success of PMUY that has empowered 5 crore women in two years.

PMUjjwalaYojana stands tall against @INCIndia’s neglect of the poor & downtrodden and is empowering women from the drudgeries of smoke in the kitchen.” tweets the Minister before he makes the attack  on the same platform that the elites with silver spoon in their mouth will never recognise the fact as it would hamper their biased objective.

.To a news story post on the position of PMUY in Chhatisgarh, the INC twitter handle had added a heading, “More evidence that PM Modi’s Ujjwala Scheme exists only on paper and advertisements and has had little impact on the ground.”


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