PM Narendra Modi celebrates Diwali with Jawans at Harsil Uttarakhand

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi celebrated this year’s Diwali also with Jawans, that he has made a practice since he became Prime minister in 2014.

On Wednesday Modi was with the Jawans of Indian Army and ITBP at Harsil in Uttarakhand, 50 km from the Line of Actual Control (LAC) for the Diwali celebration.

Greeting the jawans on the occasion, the Prime Minister said that their devotion to duty in the remote icy heights, is enabling the strength of the nation, and securing the future and the dreams of 125 crore Indians. He said that Diwali is the festival of lights; it spreads the light of goodness and dispels fear. He said that the jawans, through their commitment and discipline, are also helping to spread the sense of security and fearlessness among the people.

India is immensely proud of all those who protect our nation, with utmost dedication and courage. We salute them!, tweets Narendra Modi.


Last year PM Modi shared the Diwali festivity with jawans at the Gurez Valley in Jammu and Kashmir along the LOC. In 2014, his first as the PM, Modi went up to Siachen celebrating the festival of light with the soldiers there. In 2015 he joined BSF Jawans in Punjab and in 2016 with ITBP troops in Himachal Pradesh to rejoice the auspicious Diwali.

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