Petrol and diesel delivery at your doorstep soon

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Utkal Reporter Bureau| 28 September 2017

Liquid fuels are set to enter the net market “soon”.  It is no other than the Petroleum Minister Dharmendra Pradhan himself sees it to go. In the Indian Mobile Congress in New Delhi today Mr. Pradhan has spoken about it.

He said, “Using the technological advancements in the IT & Telecom Sector we will soon be starting online home delivery of Diesel & Petrol.”

In fact Mr. Minister had indicated about this concept back in April this year through his twitter handle and in June Bangalore found a start-up delivering the liquid fuels on order.

My Petrol Pump is the year old start-up that is providing home delivery of diesel and petrol in Bangalore since June 18.  However as per the company’s disclosure diesel is gets it most of its customers.    It finds customers from the People those who prefer doorstep delivery service of fuel to feed their voracious engines or generators.

A start- up named Instfuel is also there operating in Chandigarh and Mohali providing refueling service on call. “Diesel Delivered on Demand”is its tagline and it claims “We deliver fuel to you. Anywhere, Anytime.”

Doorstep delivery of liquid fuel is a new Idea in India though LPG home delivery is as common as that.

The minister imagines exploiting the employment scopes for the aspirants in the new area of online fuel delivery.  With the appliction of IT Skills the service can be an attractive venture to start up.

Yet there are environmental and sfety concerns associated with the delivery of the combustible substances which deserves proper analysis before implementation, if it is to be.

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However countries like USA, Canada, Australia, Newzealand and some others have accepted door step delivery of petrol diesel and other petro-lubricants.




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