People are connecting with GST and Adhar as “celebration of honesty” in the country, said PM Modi

Utkal Reporter Bureau|23 September 2017

Prime Minister Narendra Modi today has appreciated people’s participation in the movement against corruption, Black Money and dishonesty.

The way small traders are connecting with GST, connecting with Adhar it shows that the campaign of honesty is “flourishing like a celebration”., said the Prime Minister.

“Whether it is black money, corruption.or dishonesty I have waged a big war against them”.

He said“The money those were being swallowed somewhere; all those money, every penny of people’s expenditure will be for peole’s welfare.” And added that government has started working on this, it is preceding rapidly.

PM Narendra Modi said this during a public address in Varanasi today after a spate of programmes in two-days.

Besides anti corruption, he spoke on his favourite campaign for cleanliness, .He spoke on contribution of animal husbandry and energy conservation to a family’s economic well-being as well.

The PM said cleanliness is our responsibility but we have not made it our nature yet. Cleanliness is the responsibility of every citizen, cleanliness is the responsibility of every family.

A toilet saves a family’s medical expenditure of about Rs 50,000 a year, said the PM quoting aUNICEF report.He remarked that toilet is the izzat of a house, specially for the mothers and sisters. He said that he was impressed to find toilets named as” izzatghar” in Shahanshahpur.

Describing the well-being of people as the priority for governance, the Prime Minister reiterated the pledge to double farm incomes by 2022.. Animal Husbandry is a way to achieve that, said the PM. He said animal husbandry and milk production are the two biggest supporters of a farmer’s economy. .

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He said that increase in milk productivity will lead to economic benefit for the people. And added cooperatives can help consolidate the gains in the dairy sector, as has been the case in other parts of the country.
Application of modern technology in agriculture is another way that could help enhance farmer’s income, he noted.

. He said each one of us should resolve to make a positive contribution by 2022, to achieve the India that our freedom fighters dreamt of


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