Odisha Assembly Committee to seek appointment with PM NarendraModi again for paddy MSP

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Utkal Reporter Bureau

Bhubaneswar|14 Sept 2017

A house committee of Odisha assembly will try again to have a meeting with PM Narendra Modi on its claim on Minimum Support Price (MSP) of paddy. The committee took this decision in a meeting on Thursday.

Leader of Opposition in the house Narasingha Mishra said after the meeting that the committee in its meeting today had decided to seek an appointment from the Prime Minister to meet him to discuss on the issue of MSP of paddy.

The committee in its two previous attempts in April and May had failed to get time from the PMO for a meeting. Both BJD and Congress have been making an issue of it to launch attack from every available platform on PM Narendra Modi. They allege that the PM has dishonoured the people of Odisha by not giving time to the committee to meet on the farmer’s issue.

Narasingha Mishra during a debate in the assembly on 13 September claimed that the PM should be criticised for his attitude.

On March 25 an all party committee of the Odisha assembly unanimously decided to get the MSP of Paddy fixed at Rs2930 per quintal and to meet the PM Modi to place a demand for it before him.

However the center in its annual review on June 26 set the MSP of paddy at Rs 1550 per quintal stimulating strong reactions from BJD, Congress and some farmers’ organisations.

Narendra Modi during his election campaign in 2014 had promised to give 150 percent of the production cost of paddy as its MSP.

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