Naveen repeats Rita Sahu will be BJD candidate in Bijepur to quite dissidence.

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Utkal Reporter Bureau

Bhubaneswar| 25 September 2017

BJD President Naveen Pattnaik onMonday virtually made it clear that Rita Sahu will be the candidate of Biju Janata Dal in the Bijepur by-election and wished any sort of issue on the matter.cease.

Rita Sahu is the widow of Subal Sahu who died recently. Late Subal Sahu had won the Bijepur assembly constituency for three successive terms for Congress since 2004.

Just in three days since Rita Sahu along with her family and hundreds of supporters entered BJD, Naveen Pattnaik had to repeat Ms Sahu’s candidature. On the very day of Ms Sahu’s joining the BJD President had already hinted about this.Yet speculations made way to fly.

Yesterday Senior BJD leader and MP Prasanna Acharya generated an impresson that candidate selection for Bijepur seat is still open.Local BJD leaders in Bargarh expressed their discontent on the recent political development of their party around late Subal Sahu’s family in Bhubaneswar.

The emerging situation made Naveen Pattnaik intervene. This was something quite not in Naveen’s charrecter.But of late, in fact in the post Panchayat elections people see him doing that he used not do.

The Bijepur encounter is going to be a crucial one from the perspective of strength evaluation of political parties for the big fight in 2019. A win or loss will have a massive bearing on their march in the subsequent time.

Naveen Pattnaik finalised the name of the candidate for the Bijepur by election. He is the ultimate authority in the BJD to do so.But if there was any existence of a selection process for the candidate finalisation is a mystry. Even if it existed it is nearly clear that Prasanna Acharya did not find a place in the process for his say there.

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Only yesterday he said that election date was not out, name of the candidate would be declared in due time, President would decide the name and leaders would be consulted.

Today’s message of Naveen Pattnaik on the Bijepur candidature is seen as an application of his authority to stop disturbance in the party on Bijepur matter.

Prasanna Acharya after Naveen Pattnaik’s message seems to have quelled. “Prasanna is always Prasann”was his response today on this development.

But Acharya family is a big stake holder in the Baragarh politics. Bijepur assembly constituency comes under Bargarh. He had lost to late Subal Sahu in the 2014- election by a thin margin of 500 votes. How much he is prepared now to give up his stakes in Bijepur is a matter to be seen.

In 2014 election Congress had a vote share of 38.76% in Bijepur to win the seat. BJD stood second with 38. 46% of the popular votes.  BJP the national party eyeing for 120 seats in 2019 had only 18 percent vote to its credit.



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