Naveen relies on his pet strategy “center discrimination” against Modi

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Utkal Reporter Bureau
Bhubaneswar|27 Dec 2014
Naveen Pattnaik
Naveen Pattnaik has attacked the center. It is for the first time by the Odisha chief Minister that he leveled charges of discrimination against the Modi government even though it happened to be a frequent political exercise by Naveen Pattnaik and his fellow party members against the previous congress government. In the last 7 months since Modi’s anointment in Delhi Naveen Pattnaik’s attitude towards the center can be termed all but hard.

He charged that there had been a deliberate attempt by the national parties to tarnish his party’s image out of frustration. “The success of the regional party is a cause of concern for national parties.” said the Naveen Pattnaik whose image has been the USP of BJD. The chief minister spoke it on Friday December 26.

It was his party’s 17th anniversary an occasion that has been embroiled with such tough circumstances that no such occasion had met previously. There has been a big change of political conditions in the state against the ruling BJD in the wake of CBI operation in chit fund case. Some of party’s leaders are lodged behind bar and some others are under the scanner in connection with the ponzy scam.

Observing the condition The Chief Minister seems to have opted to go with charging the center to counter it. He charged the Modi government also of denying Odisha of “its legitimate right” as the previous government was doing.

“Odisha is yet to receive its legitimate rights under the federal structure. The state has always been neglected by centre.” said Naveen Pattnaik as he added that there should not be any political consideration while allocating central assistance.
Such accusations on the congress government was tested and proven success for BJD in the last ten years. Naveen Pattnaik has relied on this armory while he was bracing up against the center under Narendra Modi.

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