Modi in US/ Modi invites investors to India, says “golden time to partner with India in the journey of its growth.”

In this PM Modi’s US trip, all through the initial two days, it was all about India, Pakistan, and terrorism- the Howdy Modi euphoria. Trade emerged after that- Modi’s keynote address in the Bloomberg global business forum on 25 Sept, then his meeting with global business bosses in New York.

In Bloomberg’s event, PM Modi offered opportunities to the investors in India. He said that as an investment destination, India provides an attractive ecosystem of infrastructure and business. And, he highlighted Democracy, Demography, Demand, and Decisiveness as four key factors to promote India’s reliability as a market.

He swore on the stable government in India, on the judicial system in India as safeguards of the interest of the investors. He said, “When there is Democracy, there is political stability, the policy is predictable and independent judiciary then safety, security and growth of investment automatically win faith.”

With 352 seats in the Lok Sabha, the present government of Narendra Modi enjoys a high degree of stability. Modi said that the people of India brought back his government as an endorsement to the development plans of it.

The government, there in India, is one that respects business- world and wealth making, said Modi. The government has taken a revolutionary move of cutting corporate tax and has abolished fifty-odd laws that used to block development. India is on its journey of development. The Prime Minister said, “This is the golden time to partner with India in the journey.”

On demography, he said, it constitutes of the vast middle class. Young and energetic talents of India are giving force to India’s development.

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Economic empowerment and increasing purchasing power of Indians expand demand in India, the Prime minister said substantiated it by citing the double-digit growth in the air traffic as an example.

Prime Minister also highlighted global recognition of the successful reforms introduced by the Government. In this regard he mentioned the ten -rank -jump in the Logistics Performance Index, the thirteen point jump in the Global Competitiveness Index, the twenty-four rank rise in Global Innovation Index; alongside the sixty-five rank improvement in the Ease of Doing Business index calculated by the World Bank.

Prime Minister also spoke of the Bloomberg National Brand Tracker 2018 survey that recently ranked India as the top-performing Asian economy in attracting global investment. In 7 out of 10 indicators of this report i.e. political stability, currency stability, high-quality products, anti-corruption, low cost of production, strategic location and respect for IPRs, India has been ranked at the top position.

Mr. Modi mentioned about his government’s commitment for a 5 –trillion- dollar economy and asserted the presence of courage, capability, and condition in India to achieve it.

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