LPG coverage in Odisha have reached fifty percent of the Households; Dharmendra Pradhan

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Utkal Reporter Bureau

Bhubaneswar| 21 August 2017



With a 150 percent increase in LPG coverage 50 percent of the households in Odisha now have LPG connections.



LPG connections in Odisha have gone up by 150 percent since 2014, said Uniion Petroleum and Natural Gas Minister Dharmendra Pradhan. He said Fifty percent of households in Odisha now are under LPG coverage. It was 20 percent three years back,


Mr Pradhan was speaking in a function organised for distribution of Letter of Intent ( LoI)  to 121 new  distributors.in Bhubaneswar today.


He said, the Ministry of PNG has invested Rs 2500 cr in LPG related infrastructure in Odisha. The existing distribution network of 582 in Odisha has been enhanced to nearly 1000 in order to match the increasing demand in the state.


In order to strengthen the supply chain, Mr. Pradhan said, a LPG Import Terminal have been set up in Paradip at the cost of Rs 700cr. Another Rs 400cr will be spent for new LPG bottling plants and LPG product pipe line from Paradip to Balasore, he added.




The Union Minister awarded 121 LoIs to new distributors from 30 districts of Odisha during the function. These include 57 Women, 25 OBC, 20 SC/ST and 2 physically handicapped category distributors.


And said, this will mark the beginning of an era of socio- economic empowerment and employment generation for the youth of thr state.


He said, Selection of these LoI holders was done through a transparent and merit-based system. Expect them to follow fair business rules & practices.

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