Kui leader Lmabodar Joins BJP Midst the election run up is politially significant

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lambodarBHUBANESWAR: Kui tribal leader Lambodar Kanhar joined BJP here on Monday.
His joining in the BJP just a fortnight ahead of the Kandhamal by-elections is seen as significant development in the field of electoral- politics in Kandhamal. Kandhas comprise 52 percent of the population in kandhamal to be a dictating voting force in the district.
Kanhr is an important figure in the Kui community for his being involved in activities for the Kui Samaj. He was the General Secretary of the Kui Samaj Samanwaya Samiti till recently when he resigned from the post before the last general elections.
State BJP president K.V Singhdeo and many senior leaders like Union Minister Jual Oram, Dharemndra Pradhan and Bijay Mohaptra have welcomed Kanhr at the party Headquarter in Bhubaneswar.
With Kanhr Many office bearers of the KSSS also have joined BJP on Monday.
Kahnar who was supporting BJD for few years was a ticket aspirant from the party in the last assembly elections but failed to get one.

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