Kandhamal elections: BJD will fight for Naveen’s Image.

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BHUBANESWAR: As speculated, Biju Janata Dal announced the name of Pratyusha Devi as its candidate to contest the by-elections for Kandhamal Parliamentary constituency on Oct.15.the name can be believed not to have troubled Naveen’s head much.

Naveen Pattnaik
Naveen Pattnaik

There may be more than one reason behind this. The sympathy factor attached to Pratyusha Devi, for her being the widow of Late MP Hemendra Singh whose untimely demise prompted the by- elections could have been among the strong reasons. Since the sympathy factors, in Indian electoral condition is a proven vote stimulant. Besides there was not that rush for party ticket as it used to be a regular feature in BJD.
Candidate selection certainly is not a problem for Naveen Pattnaik his real sleep killer is the prevailing political condition, hot with the flurry of Scams. Of course Naveen’s BJD had a track record of hundred percent win in the by elections since it is in power. Besides he is just out of the election battle field with a massive victory. But since Naveen’s 4th term began in May the political climate in Odisha has started to change and with every passing day, it is changing rapidly against the Naveen’s establishment. The CBI operations on chit fund are dictating the political condition and there are land scam and others to add. This election fight will take place on these conditions that have never been the case for Naveen Pattnaik in his entire political career.
So a win or loss means a lot more for Naveen Pattnaik this time though plus or minus of one seat does not have any strength to physically impact Naveen’s political stature that at present is of a giant size. A defeat can be construed as a decline of Naveen’s political image.
But when it is about the race, BJD stands way ahead of its contestants at the starting point. On the basis of the last election BJD occupies 50 percent of vote share where as congress has claim over 29 percent vote share and BJP had gained just 13 percent. So without a miraculous turnaround of climate in favor of any of the opposition one can’t expect a change in the result in the by election of kandhamal that is with BJD since 1989.

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