India’s fight against COVID-19 is people-driven: Modi

India’s fight against COVID-19 is people-driven: Modi

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A people-driven one, this is what Prime Minister Narendra Modi termed the fight against the COVID-19 in India. When the entire humankind is up against the Corona onslaught countries have adopted their ways of defense, then PM Modi described India’s fight this way. The ethos, the culture, and the tradition of India have inspired the people of India to come in unison in the war. Everyone in India is contributing in one way or another. They are not just fighting the war; rather, they are leading the war. He said.

Mr. Modi was speaking thus in his monthly radio program Man Ki Baat on Sunday. His 35-minute speech came when India is in the middle of the COVID war, in the middle of a speculative future.

He threw light on the humanitarian expressions of the Indians in this testing time and exuded confidence of a successful release. Besides, he counted the positivity Indians have accumulated while engaging with the adversity. He said this travail had brought out the humane facet of the police, people are learning to obey the hygiene rules. These positivities would be of benefit to social living.



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