India’s active COVID cases come down to 9 lakh, Maharashtra and other high-caseload states seem to check the infection.

The number of Covid-19 cases active in India came down to under 9 lakh after 83 thousand patients became cure of COVID against 78 thousand new patients on Wednesday. Thus the caseload became near to what it was on September 10.

For six days in a row, the number of active cases is showing a downward trend as new recoveries are exceeding the new positives. Since the first Corona case hit India in January this year, the active case count was the maximum on September 18 to date. It counted 1017754 on that day, and 893592 today, a decrease by 1.24 lakh.

Daily positive report of corona infection has been slowing down since the mid-September. On the contrary, recoveries have increased, thus leading to a decrease in active COVID load in India. It has been, in an average, 73154 positive reports daily, against 79141 recoveries in the last seven days. However, towards the middle of September, The daily new cases counted above 90 thousand and recoveries about 80 thousand.

Maharashtra has a significant role in the Change happening in India’s COVID scenario at present. Its daily case is counting 13-14 thousand now, which used to be 20 thousand a month back. Andhara Pradesh and Tamil Nadu have also managed to reduce the daily spike of cases to about 5 thousand from 10 thousand. However, infection in Karnataka has not abated. Besides, Kerala is seeing high rises in new cases.

As per the official COVID update today, India has recognized 6906151persons with Corona infection, 5906069 recovered and 106490 dead to date. Thus the recovery rate has improved to 85.52 percent. In the last 24 hours, as many as 70496 new cases came against 78365 recoveries. The death toll in the infection was 964.

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