Indian government extends the COVID- lockdown for 14 more days

Indian government extends the COVID- lockdown for 14 more days

India will go for another lockdown term for 14 days from May 4, a day after the current one ends. However, the third term will have some relaxation on curbs with a varying degree in areas based on the gravity of the COVID-19 outbreak. Areas with lesser COVID risk will get greater relaxation for activities.

The Ministry of Home Affairs, on April 30, issued a notice in this regard with updated norms for the extended lockdown period.  Dividing the country into three zones, based on the corona load, the union government has specified zone wise permissions for activities. The three Zones are Red, Orange, and Green as per the decreasing order of corona density.

However, there can be no passenger service by rail or metro irrespective of zones. Similarly, travel by air is also in the prohibited list of activities. Even the interstate bus service cannot operate. As of the travel facilities, Bus can operate passenger service with half of their capacity only in the green zone in a state. The green zones can facilitate individual travel as well as vehicular, between the districts. On the other hand, in the Orange zones, such travels would be for the permitted activities only. A Four wheeler vehicle can carry a maximum of two passengers and a driver, while a pillion rider is allowed in a two-wheeled vehicle in the orange zone.

In the red zone also, a four-wheeler can ply for permitted activities with the driver and two passengers but, in case of the two-wheeler, it must be the rider only. Taxis are allowed only in orange and green zones, not in the red zones.

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Schools, colleges and other educational institutes don’t have the permission to run anywhere in the country during the lockdown. Students can avail of online education.

Malls, Cinema halls, gymnasiums, swimming pools will remain close nationwide. No social, political, or religious gathering will get permission anywhere irrespective of zones.




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