India finds 6767 COVID-19 cases on Friday, tally crosses 1.3 Lakh

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India got 6767 new cases of COVID-19 on Friday, registering three consecutive days with over-6000 cases. And, the number of COVID-19 cases in India rapidly became 1, 31,868. However, 2657 patients have also become well of the infection, maintaining the recovery rate above 41 percent, despite the addition of big numbers in the cases daily.

Total numbers of patients became cure, as on May 23, count 5440, and the recovery rate is 41.28 percent now. At the same time, 3867 persons have died of the corona fever, though the number is significantly low considering India’s population size, and what is happening in many developed countries.

Of the 6767 total new cases of the day in India, Maharashtra contributed 2608. With 47190 confirmed cases, the western state shares more than 35 percent of the total cases in India as on May 23. To add more, it has been giving more than 2000 COVID-19 cases daily to national tally for the last 7 days. Tamil Nadu contributed 759 cases and Delhi 591 cases. Gujarat and Madhya Pradesh are the other two major contributors to the number.

India is witnessing massive swell in the number of COVID-19 cases since the beginning of the May following the government eased restrictions on public movements. Besides, laborers working away from home started returning on a large scale helping the Coronavirus to spread.

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