G -20: Modi tossed Black Money Issue on the global forum

Utkal Reporter Bureau |15 Nov 2015

BRICS meeting in Brisbane
BRICS meeting in Brisbane

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has tossed the black money issue on the global forum as mark to push forward his commitment on repatriation of black money. He referred the issue in an informal meeting of BRICS leaders on Saturday at Brisbane and is expected to pitch it high on the G-20 plenary on Sunday.

The Indian Prime Minister referring the unaccounted money abroad as both economic and security challenge sought the BRICS leaders to support his move for repatriation of the back money that his government has flagged as its “key priority”

The black money stashed abroad was a significant issue in the general elections in India concluded 6 months ago. After coming to power Modi had urged the people of India to keep confidence on him on the Black Money issue. He has been reiterating his commitment on different stages to bring the black money back home deposited overseas.he had described the subject as “as an article of faith” for him

In the informal meeting of the heads of BRICS nations at the sidelines of the G-20 Summit Shri Modi urged for the early implementation of- the New Development Bank and the Contingent Reserve Arrangement the two key financial institutions came up in the 6th BRICS Summit in Fortaleza in September. He said that will “send a strong message to the rest of the world about the efficacy of BRICS.”

During the day The Prime Minister also made an intervention on “reform experience and thrust forward” in the Retreat for G-20 leaders where he stressed that reforms cannot be done by stealth, but have to be people-driven and people-centric. He said reforms should take into account the issues being faced by people.
Prime Minister Modi also had bilateral engagements with Francois Hollande, President of France and Mr Stephen Harper Prime Minister of Canada. He condemned the recent terrorist attack on the Canadian Parliament and expressed his view that religion should be delinked from Terrorism.

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