Finally Arjun Award for Manoj Kumar

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Manoj Kumar
Manoj Kumar
Boxer Manoj Kumar will get the prestigious Arjun Award after a judicial request came in this regard. According to the Sports Ministry Manoj Kumar the 2010 Commonwealth Games gold medalist will be bestowed upon the Arjun Award after the Incheon Asian Games. The government found the boxer deserves the Award.
The Kapil Dev-led Award committee had rejected Manoj Kumar’s name for the coveted award for, what the government cited, “a case of mistaken identity “. The committee mistakenly thought that this Manoj Kumar had tested positive for drugs where as it was someone else by the same name. The ministry had reassured Manoj kunar to add his name in the list of 15 after a review but he was again overlooked in the meeting and the boxer moved to the court.
. The court had asked the ministry to reconsider the decision and it found that Manoj deserved the Award,

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