Every penny of black money should come back: .Modi


(URN NOV 2)Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday reiterated his commitment to bring back the black money stashed abroad.
in the live broadcast of his public connectivity initiative ‘Man Ki Baat ‘ in the All India Radio he said “every penny of the money of the poor of India that has gone abroad from India should come back.”

This reiteration of commitment came from the PM at a time when his government’s stand on the issue has started to gather questions. The Supreme Court of India had stood as the major question raiser. On the 28th of October the apex court had pulled up the central government for its reluctance to disclose the names of the foreign bank account holders which has encouraged many to criticize the government.

Shree Modi urged the people of India to have faith on him on the issue of black money. However he said he did not have, neither did have any one the estimate of money from India deposited abroad illegally. It could be Rs2, Rs 5 or billions of Rupees or Trillions of rupees. Whatever it may be every penny of the black money would come back. “For me this is an article of faith” said the PM.

He said “There may be difference of views on how to approach the issue this is natural in a democracy but from what I am understanding and the information I have, I am telling you that we are in the right direction”

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