Doklam stand off ends, both India and Chine agree to withdraw troops.

Utkal Reporter|28 August 2017

The ongoing stand off between India and China on the Doklam issue is over as both the side agreed to disengage their forces at the controversial site. The process of disengagement is going on, states the Ministry of external affairs (MEA).

A press statement released by MEA says,”Expedirious disengagement of border personnel at the face off side at Doklam has been agreed and is going on”

This development has helped the tenson subside in the refgion and between India and China in particular. With this PM Narendra Modi’s scheduled trip to China to participate in the 9th BRICS summit finds the conditions conducive.

China hosts the BRICS summit between September 3 and 5 in Xianmen.

Before PM Modi’s visit to China, the Doklam stand off was wished to be resolved. It happened amicably. It happened through diplomatic communications in recent times, claims the MEA.

The MEA says, “During these communications we were able to express our views and convey our concerns and interests.”

Recently Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh had said that the Doklam issue would be resolved soon.

Troops of India and China have been locked in a face-off at Doklam for the last two and half months. The stand off began when Indian force checked Chinese People’s Liberation Army PLA at Dolam platue in Doklam region when they were trying to construct road there.

China applied several pressure tactics to make the Indian troop retreat but all went in vain.India sticked to its point of simultenous withdrawal of troops by both sides, at the same time it let the diplomatic channel open to settle the issue.

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China, as reported by agencies, will not proceed with road construction in to the disputed area.

Yet Chinese forces will continue to patrol Doklam – a region disputed between Bhutan and China – to exercise the country’s sovereignty and uphold territorial integrity, said the china’s MEA.


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