COVID-19: With record rise of 26506, India’s confirmed COVID-19 case closes 8 lakh.

India’s Covid-19 case count, as on Friday, became 7, 93,802 after it added 26506 new cases in 24 hours. For the 8th day in a row, India is finding over 20 thousand cases in 24 hours, indicating the dangerous spread of the Coronavirus infection. 

Maharashtra has 6875 in the day’s total detected cases of 26506 all over India. Tamil Nadu added 4231, the second-highest in twenty -four hours. Delhi followed Tamil Nadu with 2187 cases. As many as 1410 cases came from Telangana and 2228 from Karnataka. Uttar Pradesh and Andhra Pradesh are the two other states that have found above 1000 cases in the last 24 hours.

On Thursday, Uttar Pradesh recorded 1206 cases.   The previous day, it was 1128, and the day before 1332. The most populous state in India has been observing high spikes in the daily cases now. It is above 1000, which used to be below 600 a week before.  However, Uttar Pradesh has increased COVOD-19 tests significantly in the last 7 days, which may be a reason for its getting more positive cases now.

Similarly, COVID-19 cases in Andhra Pradesh are growing rapidly day by day at present. The South Indian state found 1555 cases in its account on Thursday, marking the highest single-day rise of cases to date. Corona infection, in Andhra Pradesh, is growing at the rate of 7% daily through the last seven days.

Amid the threateningly spreading infection in India, it is a matter of respite that patients are getting at a good pace. The recovery rate is above 62 percent today.  Similarly, the death rate in the COVIDD-19 is 2.7 percent in India, well below it is globally. Of course, the Coronavirus infection has killed 21604 patients in India. In the last 24 hours, it was 475.  As per the official information, India has now 276482 COVID-19 patients undergoing treatment in COVID hospitals and homes. 


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