COVID-19: India’s daily case reaches 39 lakkh, and total 10.77 lakh; a jump away from 11 lakh.

India saw 38902 new cases of COVID-19 in the 24 hours as the official report came on Sunday. It is the highest number of cases that came in a day as of today. The previous highest was 34956, only two days back. However, India is now adding above three thousand cases every day. On July 16, it was 32695, followed by the record on the next day, and 34485 on July 18. Given the trend, the record rise is not likely to stay long.

With the record number, India has traced 1077618 cases of infection, as on today, though there can be numerous unidentified cases. However, India has now 337379 COVID-19 cases to deal with, because of the good recovery rate of 63 percent.

States’ share in Daily cases

Maharashtra continues to be the top source of new infections since nearly the beginning. Tamil Nadu has been adding significantly for some time, but quite many states across India have emerged now as high contributors to cases. Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka are among them getting around 4 thousand cases daily. Similarly, Uttar Pradesh, West Bengal, and Bihar are seeing spurts of infections. Odisha and Assam are reaching new heights frequently.

Maharashtra added 8348 cases, and Tamil Nadu 4807 in the last 24 hours. For Maharashtra, it is above 8000- rise for three straight days. Though Mumbai seems to have contained the case growth, Pune and Thane are sourcing massive cases now. The Western India state shares about 26 percent of the total daily cases of infection. However, it was 30 percent some time back.

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The 4807 on Saturday was the highest daily spike of Tamil Nadu, though its average addition of daily -cases have been above 4000 in July till date. Tamil Nadu comprises 15 percent of the total daily cases in the country. West Bengal and Uttar Pradesh are the two major sources of the day’s cases with 2198, and 1873 respectively.  The former is the record for West Bengal. Andhra Pradesh, on Saturday, also set a new record with 3963 new cases, marking a threatening spread of infection.

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