Covid-19: India’s active case load decreasing continuously.

Today’s Covid-19 update showed that India has now 227546 cases remaining in the active state. It is the lowest in six months following a continuous decrease in the number for 40 days. In the last 24 hours, the drop in active case count is 3490, since 21340 patients recovered against 18087 discovered new cases. Besides, the death toll in the fever during this period stood at 264.

When there is a second surge of Covid-19 cases across the world, particularly in America and Europe, India seems to have a degree of control over the pandemic. Daily new cases are remaining less than 20000, and the deaths less than 300 now.  As per the government statement, India observes 96 Covid-19 infections per million populations in the last seven days. The number is as high as 5654 in UK and 4524 in the USA. Italy, France, Brazil, and Russia have a very high rate of infection per million populations.

Though the number of new cases is decreasing, the UK strained cases has increased to 71.

Of the 18087 new cases that came yesterday, 79.05 percent are from ten states. Kerala recorded 5615 and Maharashtra 3160.

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