Covid-19 India: New case spike dropped significantly, active case dropped to a three months low.

The daily find of new cases of Covid-19 was 36470 in the 24 hours till 8.30 AM today. It is the lowest spike in 24 hours in more than three months. At the same time, India saw 63842 Covid patients recovered, and 488 died. And, the active caseload came down by 27860, leaving the total count 625857, the lowest since August 8. The day’s decrease in active case -count is also the highest to date. Besides, the daily numbers of Covid death are reducing. For the second day in a row, the death numbers in a day remained under 500.

When the government updated the national Covid-19 figures in the morning, it showed that 90.62 percent of India’s total patients have been free of the infection. The fatality rate is also at a low of 1.50 percent. Thus only 7.88 percent of the cases reported positive with Coronavirus are now active. Of course, almost all states across India are witnessing a let-up in Corona infection. But, the heavily concentrated states contribute the most to the emerging Covid picture of India.

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