2019 general elections: elections in 7 rounds from April 11, result on May 23.

The General election programme is out today. There will be seven rounds of polling starting from April 11till May 19 for the 543 Lok Sabha seats across India. Counting will take place on May 23. Odisha along with Andhra Pradesh, Arunachal Pradesh, and Sikkim will go for assembly elections simultaneously with the parliament elections.

Chief election commissioner announced the election schedule today. With the announcement, the model code of conduct for the guidance of the political parties and candidates came into operation with immediate effect in the entire country.

According to the Election Commission of India, on April 11, the opening round of elections will be held for 91 parliament constituencies. The second phase of elections will take place on April 18 for 97 parliament constituencies. The next two rounds of polling will take place on April 23 and April 29 for 115 and 71 seats respectively. The Fifth round of polling will happen on May 6 and the Sixth round on May 12. The final round of the election will be on May 19.

Around 90 crore voters have been registered for the 2019 elections of which 1.5 crores are new voters between the age of 18 and 19 years.

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