I consider myself as a rebellious lover a devotee.Panchanan Nayak

Panchanan Nayak
Panchanan Nayak
Panchanan Nayak is one of the front row lyric writers in Odisha. He has penned nearly 100 lyrics for cinema devotional songs and modern songs. A few of his works are
In ‘Topae Sindoor di to pa luha’, ‘Keun Duniyaru Asila Bndhu’ ‘AAlo Mora Kandhei’ and few more Odia films.
Mahesh Ranjan Das had a talk with Sri Panchanan Nayak.
Excerpts from the talk
So how do you feel here in this music Industry?
My spontaneous answer is and always will be ‘great’. My twenty years of journey in this course to the place where I am at present is full of stories that I always cherish to remember.
Then any incident you would like to share…
Every moment I have spent during the period I was struggling to be into this system and every moment I have spent in this system are worth sharing. The experiences are my real treasure trove.
A particular incident for the readers
It was during the beginning of my career in 1998 I was assigned to write lyric for ‘kalia Amruta Vani’ of the T- series. This was my first assignment. I remember Hemamalini had introduced me to the T- Series after she had noticed my work for her magazine ‘Saheli’. This was real big for me. I was excited to work. I took my pen and paper to write but what was it? Where were my ideas? The brain gave answer at the very beginning. It could not pick a single idea. I put pressure on it but all in vain. I apprehended my career would end before it started. With all the apprehensions I went to bed. I did not know when my eyes retreated but woke up all of a sudden. Lord Jagannath was standing before me! I was speechless. I was completely mesmerized. Was it a dream? I am not sure about that but I have no doubt that after that it took me just few hours to pen all the lyrics for the cassette.
Since then what is the change you have noticed?
There has been a huge change since then. In fact the world of music is a continuous flow of changes. Since it reflects the society you can see the changes in this music world as the society takes changes.
So what is the change now?
This world of Sarswati is being annexed by Laxmi. I mean this is now under heavy influence of commercialization.
But what is wrong with it? It opens scope for professionalism!
Professionalism is always welcome. It is good for any system. But the way the music world is going into the grip of unscrupulous greedy business system is sign of warning. It is only because of them that we are to have those degraded cheap music.
But the audience likes this type of music!
This is a wrong notion spread by the idle excuse mongers. The fact is that public take only what you serve them. I would like to say that Odisha is the land of rich art and culture and music. This land has seen so many great poets and writers. They have been there in the past and they are at present too. The same lyric writers are still in the profession those who have great works to their credit 10 -15 years back. I am surprised what made them so cheap now.
Can you say you have not done any cheap?
Since I realized music I have never dishonored my culture through my works. i am very careful about this. And I wish anyone who is in this field should take the onus of safe guarding our value and culture.
Our reader would like to know which one of yours lyrics has satisfied you the most.
Each and every lyric is dear to me, irrespective of its success in market. If all are my creations then how can I discriminate between them?
What is your source of your inspiration for this work?


I consider myself as a rebellious lover a devotee. The rebel inside me provided my inspiration for work.

What is the scope for a young man in this field?
It is bright today

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